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Complimentary Cancer Treatment 

Falls Prevention

Qigong helps cancer patients

Science Alert -University of Sydney, Australia, Friday, 27 May 2011

The improvements included greater physical, functional, social and emotional wellbeing, and enhanced cognitive functioning.

Cancer patients who used a 5000-year-old combination of gentle exercise and meditation experienced significantly higher wellbeing levels, improved cognitive functioning and less inflammation compared to a control group, new University of Sydney research has found.

Dr Byeongsang Oh, a clinical senior lecturer at the Sydney Medical School who led the study, said the reduced inflammation in patients who practised medical Qigong, a form of traditional Chinese medicine, was particularly significant.

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Canada's national Globe and Mail Newspaper Recommends Tai Chi for fall prevention.

Exercise must be progressive and must push a person physically, but still be tailored to individual needs and limits. Sitting exercises don't help prevent falls, nor do pool-based exercises, Dr. Scott said. But Tai Chi has been shown to have numerous benefits.

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