Sword Form Course

Yang Style Straight Sword Form Course  

Ideal for developing both Concentration and Relaxation and Extending the Qi

The Sword course has now started and is heavily subscribed, so we can not take any more complete beginners, only those with relevant experience.

Sword Gleams

5 Sundays across 2018 @ Ashton Park School, Bristol, Starting Sunday 11th March:-  

Details and Fees below

This Yang family style straight sword form provides an ideal introduction to Taiji weapons forms. 

Study and practice of the Sword Form develops the balance between concentration and relaxation in both body and mind. 

It invigorates the Shen (spirit) whilst teaching how to extend the Qi beyond the body through the weapon, a skill set invaluable to Acupuncturists and Healers. 

 The practice of this form also improves strength and suppleness in the lower body, enabling the joints to become more open and thus developing sinking ability.  

With practice the weapon becomes an extension of the body, following the same Taiji principles that define the empty hand forms.

This particular form is descended from the well known teacher Cheng Man Ching and further refined by his student and personal physician Dr. Chi Chang Tao, who was a guerilla fighter in the Sino-Japanese wars before moving to live and teach in Vancouver until his death in the early 90’s. Dr. Chi was the direct Taiji Sword teacher of (amongst others) John Kells and Alan Peck.

This Sword form consists of around 60 postures and although it only takes about 5 minutes to perform studying it involves absorbing a significant amount of information as well as learning and practising the postures, therefore students will require some prior experience of studying Taiji, preferably being able to complete some kind of form. 

 Classes will consist of appropriate warm-up exercises and sword drills as well as learning the postures of the solo sword form. 

Concentrated course study of the Sword Form requires commitment, so in order to complete the form in the time available students will need to attend every lesson and to practice regularly between lessons as well.

You will need to bring your own lunch, a wooden chinese sword and a beginner’s mind.

Swords can be easily purchased, Google "Wooden Tai Chi practice sword", estimated prices in the region of £15 - £25. Considerably more expensive and higher quality custom made practice weapons are available, but are probably not a sensible proposition for Beginners.

The maximum number of participants will be limited, so if you wish to guarantee a place and get a significantly reduced price you should book with a deposit as soon as possible. As of 4th Feb the course is already over 50% filled.    

To encourage commitment the fee structure is heavily discounted for those paying in full in advance; there is also a significant discount for students who have previously studied the Sword Form and would like to refresh their knowledge.

Level: Sword Form Course; open to all as specified

5 Sundays across 2018:    25 Nov

Sword Form Days:  Sundays 10am - 4.30pm:    Lunch break approx.  1 hr  ≈  1pm – 2pm

Sword Form Revision Day:  Sun 24 Feb 2019: datails as above

Venue: Ashton Park School, Blackmoors Lane, Bower Ashton, Bristol  BS3 2JL   MAP

Tea will be provided but you must B.Y.O. lunches or go out for lunch

Don't forget you need your own Sword!

Sword Course  Standard Daily Fee:                                     £70 per day   (Half Day £40)



There is also a programme of Saturday Taiji Workshops in parallel with the Sword Course 

For questions, booking and payment details please Email  Paul or Karen  

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