Interactive Taiji

Saturday 13th June TBC 

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Interactive Taiji 37

All the Taiji Practice and Exercise you do on your own; how does it work with a partner?

Folding Force

Taiji 37, also called Nanpai or southern school Taiji, is a collection of standing postures which are the original techniques from which modern Taiji forms and styles have developed. 

These postures are a considerably more detailed and concentrated study method than the practice of form conventionally offered in modern classes, wherein participants usually move on to the next posture or place in the sequence of movements too rapidly to develop internal forces. Many practitioners of modern Tai Chi are, both by circumstance and history, poorly informed as to the original nature of their studies, do not know that Tai Chi originated as a martial art and cannot name the “style" of Tai Chi they study. It follows logically that (given such little information) they are ill equipped to experience the basic movements of Taiji forces inside the body.

From the Taiji 37 perspective, Wuji ZhanZhuang is the starting point. This Posture, from which (most) forms commence, is the vehicle for studying Ting jin or Listening Force and is a standing Mediation practice. Once you make yourself quiet inside, you can start to hear others outside. From the martial perspective, information or intelligence is needed to correctly decide how to act under a certain set of circumstances.  This workshop provides access to significant internal meditative techniques coupled with some relatively basic interactive skills like sticking, listening, yielding and starting to control the relationship of the space, size and distance between you and your partner/opponent.

Interactive practice is taught so that a particular exercise addresses a particular set of circumstances safely and under control so that no one need come to harm whilst studying these structures and relationships.

Just as with pushing hands, the Interactive aspect of Tai Chi can be of concern or off-putting to many students, who have for that reason never practised it. It is, however, perfectly feasible and indeed enjoyable to study without needing to spar or risking any injury or damage your discomfort.

However, as soon as one considers the martial context, one encounters all the same problems that arise in the study of pushing hands. People naturally want to be successful: in martial practice this often leads to the utilisation of strength in pursuit of victory. However, Tai Chi is supposed to be about the balance of yin and yang, about using softness to neutralise and defeat hardness. Many modern Taiji practitioners trace their studies back to the famous Chen Man Ching and thus know that one of his famous sayings was to “invest in loss".

This is both necessary and desirable since the primary purpose is to  study how to correctly fit your posture in with the actions of your partner or opponent such that it works in the most efficient manner. 

The point of a workshop like this is not to learn how to fight, but to learn the basic skills and Taiji principles underlying the use of Taiji as a martial art, in order to enrich and enhance the whole practice. Without Interactive Practice this is simply not possible. This knowledge can radically alter the practice of almost any student and can be applied to almost any kind of Taiji form or practice that considers the understanding of the balance of yin & yang to be as important as the appearance of short term success gained by force. It is also enjoyable to practice, so come and try it with us. The day is open to all, but Advance Booking to ensure places is recommended for non-college students.  

Level: All

Fees: £60 per day or £30 per session (am or pm)  -  payable on the day:   

Times: 10am ≈ 1pm:  Lunch break ≈ 1pm - 2pm  2pm ≈ 4.30pm 

Venue:  Main Hall,  Ashton Park School, Blackmoors Lane, Bower Ashton, Bristol  BS3 2JL 

Bring a blanket for floor exercises and /or Meditation: 

Tea is provided but you must B.Y.O. lunches or go out for lunch


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