Bristol Tai Chi

Bristol Tai Chi is a part of the Heaven Mountain Taijiquan school, which was formed by Paul Brewer with and at the instruction of Dr. Shen Hongxun when he was living in Bristol in 1996/7. 

Over the last 20 years we have taught numerous courses and workshops on Taiji 37 Standing Postures, Heaven Mountain Taiji 37 Form, the Yang style Long Form, Taijiwuxigong, the Yang style Sword Form, EMei Qigong and other specialist TaiJi related workshops 

HeavenMountain Tai Chi & QiGong

OCTOBER 2021 Update

 Prevailing circumstances and concerns force us to

CANCEL all classes and workshops

which will remain closed

until further notice

Further Updates
will follow as required

Be Safe, Stay Well

Change is a universal constant, happening before, throughout and after our lives, which are shaped by the constant flux of yin and yang, so it helps to learn to understand and to manage it better, both within and without. In this respect,

nothing outperforms Tai Chi and QiGong.

Benefit from all of the 4 levels of existence and authentic Taiji study, 
Body, Energy, Mind & Spirit

HeavenMountain Taijiquan

Tai Chi Union of Great Britain Senior Member: Quality Teaching for over 25 Years

HeavenMountain TaiJi Programme for Bristol 2020

Benefit from all of the 4 levels of existence and authentic Taiji study,  

Body, Energy, Mind & Spirit

Intensive Weekend Workshops with Specialist Themes in Bristol 

In view of prevailing circumstances and concerns we are


everything in Bristol 

until any further update

Stay Well

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A    Sword Form Revision

B    Sound, Mantra & Meditation  

C    EMei QiGong

D    Push Hands   

Current Venue for all dates in Bristol: -

Main Hall,  Ashton Park School, Blackmoors Lane, Bower Ashton, Bristol  BS3 2JL 

First ever Taiji 37 Form course at Redland School in Bristol

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