About Bristol Tai Chi

Bristol Tai Chi is a branch of the Heaven Mountain Taijiquan school, which was formed by Paul Brewer with Dr. Shen when he lived in Bristol in 1996/7. Over the last 20 years we have taught courses and numerous specialist workshops in Yang style Long Form, Sword Form, Taiji 37 standing postures and the Heaven Mountain Taiji 37 Form . 

In the picture below, taken at Redland School in Bristol during the first ever Taiji 37 Form course, you can see, amongst other long time students flanking Shen Jin, Paul Brewer, Lynne Bevan, Tim McFadden, Karen Ferris, Anita Shen & Eve Jackson....

The following workshops are being offered in Bristol                                                 to facilitate the revision and study of 

Taiji 37 

Sat 28 Oct    Interactive Taijiquan       APS Bristol

Venue for Bristol Weekends: -  Ashton Park School

7 Stars Rotated

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